5 Ways to turn your goals into reality

Create goals for yourself and learn how to bring them into reality. LETS GO!

1 – Make your goal specific

When you have something you want to do, you have to spend time understanding exactly what it is you want and what your motives are. Once you have your OWN reasons to do something, you have to eliminate the variables.

2- Eliminate uncontrollable variables

when you create a goal, do you rely on other sources to maintain consistency? If you’re expecting your roommate to work out with you every day, your setting yourself up for failure. Your roommate does not have the same goal as you. If they do, they will still have a different method in how to get there, and if they change their mind then your messed up too. Don’t make your personal goals only attainable with the help of other people.

3- Create small weekly steps to work towards the goal

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before, yes you need to break it down. The biggest key here is to not get frustrated when you have something happen that you cannot control. Chill out and understand that even if you don’t hit your goal every week, if you’ve been consistent, you’ll be fine. Its more about not giving up then messing up every once in awhile. If we all got defined by when we missed something or messed something up, we would all be failures.

4- Make time to discover self specifics 

This one is really, really important and often avoided. You need to spend time with yourself. Stop trying to find your happiness and contentment in other people. Whether your in a relationship or not, your happiness should not be defined by another person, neither should your goals. Can someone else add to your happiness and be a great addition or compliment to you? absolutely! But no one else should be your information source, you need to discover what makes you tick, inspired, and what tactics work for YOURSELF.

5- Have your purpose at the forefront at all times

Remember that specific goal? why did you make it? We have eliminated variables, we have eliminated creating a goal for someone else, so this is about you. When you self examine in step 4 you want to think about the big picture. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? how will this affect you and the rest of your life? Once you can see the big picture and focus on your reason for creating this goal in the first place, you will be able to stick with it.



I believe in you,

– xoxo, Alison