About me & my transformation

Many of you do not know much about me other then I'm obsessed with health and fitness, so I wanted to give you a little more about me. My name is Alison Kay Furno, I am 25 years old, currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona. I went to Arizona Christian University for my Undergraduate degree and received a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration. I've always been active, playing tennis, swim and fell in love with volleyball at a young age. Volleyball had always been my outlet, and while playing in college it became one of my stress points. Trying to find an outlet other than sports was difficult for me, it’s where my confidence came from and once sports was gone, I didn't know what my outlet should be or how to de-stress from things going on in life. I found fitness during a time where I was learning to stand up for myself. Fitness became a huge part of me. Seeing how much strength you can gain not only physically but overcome mental battles by proving to YOU what you are capable of was the most amazing thing. I see the aftermath of unhealthy lifestyles, I see people struggling to find themselves, find an outlet, find their voice and I feel the pain all over again, remembering what that was like.   What is my goal? To help people that want to get stronger mentally and physically. I want to bring a positive outlook on health and fitness, while showing that its not perfect, its not easy, but it IS worth it. I want to be a reason you started, to be a reason you got back up to try again, to find yourself and find your reason.
 You can’t reach your goals without a mixture of focus and understanding the mindset of how to stay consistent. No one is perfect, but with the right guidelines and focus you can thrive in fitness and health. The other aspect of fitness we tend to neglect is the mentality.  When you train with my programs you will have to push. You will be forced to find a better version of you and forced to find your reason. This reason is what will keep you on track. When you leave the gym, you will be proud of yourself, see your progress and the power you are gaining physically and mentally. This translates into your life by the choices you make, the confidence you hold, and the way you see yourself.  
Behind your motivation you must have a WHY. Whatever your goals are, they all have one thing in common, sculpting a better version of yourself. I believe fitness should be functional, your capabilities as an individual grow with every step you take. That may be jumping higher, moving quicker, having more energy and endurance, or simply carrying a bag of dog food inside the house with ease. Whatever your goal is, find your reason and let’s get to work!
Xoxo, Alison 

I found my reason.. and here are my results.