About Alison

 Alison Furno is 26 years old, currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona. She went to Arizona Christian University for an Undergraduate degree and received a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration. 
She's passionate about Fitness, Coaching, Mindset and keeping America free.
 I found fitness during a time where I was learning to stand up for myself. Fitness became a huge part of me. Seeing how much strength you can gain not only physically but overcome mental battles by proving to YOU what you are capable of was the most amazing thing. I see the aftermath of unhealthy lifestyles, I see people struggling to find themselves, find an outlet, find their voice and I feel the pain all over again, remembering what that was like.   What is my goal? To help people that want to get stronger mentally and physically. I want to bring a positive outlook on health and fitness, while showing that its not perfect, its not easy, but it IS worth it. I want to be a reason you started, to be a reason you got back up to try again, to find yourself and find your reason. 
Through this journey of my own, I was in the process of leasing a space for my own fitness facility. When I started to see everything happening in the news, around the country, and around Arizona, I couldn't passively stand by and just let it happen. I had to speak up. I had to do something. I left my comfort zone and my business plan - I got involved in local politics and quickly realized how much arrogance, corruption and deception was involved in the industry. As much as i didn't want to become a target, I decided it was more important to stand for what's right, and I've only been able to do this with the strength I've found in my passion for life, health and fitness as the foundation.
I've never been so excited to fight for American freedoms, and more importantly show people they are capable to be MUCH stronger than they ever thought possible.