Intro to The Vibrant Life

Hello friends, bloggers and health nuts.

My purpose to begin a blog is to inform you of the wonderful health benefits from eating your vitamins, how to self-diagnose your health issues, and problem solve (with natural remedies vs. going to the doctor). My focus will be on how to prevent and treat common illness, balancing your system with whole foods and how this incorporates in the fitness industry. As a result, having more energy, think sharply and live vibrantly. I am more then excited to share my experiences with you, may they be good or bad, all of us tend to either complain about our bad situations, or learn a lot from the process. Being the perfectionist that I am do not like being sick. Who has time for that? Not me! I also like to be productive. When I can think clearly and focus on my work, I get a lot done. Lastly, I love being energized. When I have enough energy, I can accomplish as much as a marathon runner during the Olympics. Or, at least I feel like the energizer bunny from that battery commercial. So, my point is, that all starts with food.
Food also plays a role into my fitness life, the common questions of how to burn fat, gain muscle and stay fit can all be accomplished without a list full of ingredients and products prone to side effects, disease and killing your digestive system along the way.
Can’t wait to share my journey and get your input on your health as well!


Love, Alison