Natural Remedies: 5 ways GINGER cures common illness

  • Think before we had the common medicines we have today.. what did people use to cure their sickness? I would imagine food, since somehow it still works for MANY minor health issues today. You would also see people self-diagnosing way more then they do now. If you notice, when you go to the doctor somehow most sicknesses can be treated with very few medicines. Is that really curing the issue though? or does that same issue keep coming back or persisting?

This is why I began my health journey in the first place and let me be clear, I am NO doctor and NO dietician. This is precisely why I am qualified to tell you about my findings. I am making no money, have no motives other then you feeling absolutely phenomenal! SO. lets get on to it, GINGER. One of my favorites, it has so many health benefits and I’m going to tell you the top 5 that I use ginger for – works amazing by the way with no list of side effects.


1: Nausea and motion sickness

  • Believe it or not, look at the ingredients on the back of the “all natural” Dramamine is 1000mg of ginger! and that’s it!

2:  Pain relief

  • This was huge for me because I knew a medicine like Tylenol just blocked my feeling for pain, and didn’t actually relieve the issue inside my body. Tylenol and Ibuprofen both have a nice list of side effects that that I also wasn’t trying to put at risk unless it was necessary.

3. Anti-inflammatory

  • Although you cannot always feel inflammation throughout your body, many of us have a low level of inflammation due to diet or other external factors. This is really bad because a low level inflammation throughout your body for an extended period of time causes many health issues just as joint pain, arthritis as well as many brain and mental disorders (over many years); which all begin with inflammation.

4: Respiratory Infections

  • Ginger is known to combat many illnesses, but did you know it is also a natural remedy for respiratory infections such as allergies, stuffy nose or a cough from a cold.  It is a natural expectorant and helps break down mucus. It also helps with common infections in such as a sore throat and fevers.

5: Heartburn and indigestion relief

  • Ginger assists with digestion by increasing the effectiveness of the absorption of food to help your body process it correctly. Ginger also has chemicals that protect the stomach lining (which can become weak by stress!!!* if weak = may cause stomach pain).


My explanations are meant to be simple and not bore you with the details, however if you want any more information or explanation feel free to contact me! I do not have sources for my information because I have read countless books and I wrote  off the top of my head.


Talk to you soon,


xoxo Alison